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Digital Music And Its Effects On The Music Industry

In July 2011, Spotify launched in the United States. This program not only had the ability to stream music for its listeners, but it was also free. As long as the artists were featured on this program, users could listen to any of their songs at any time. At first, this was only restricted to desktop computer usage, but since then Spotify has launched its app available for mobile devices, further stretching this power of free and instant media at any time. Although this may sound great to users like you and me, the people who ultimately suffer are the artists that put there music out there on Spotify. By allowing us to listen to their music for free, the profits from CD’s and iTunes digital music sales have begun to decrease. This means that artists who have their media on Spotify overall do not make the profit that they normally should. Since Spotify is a relatively new addition to the music industry, I will be focusing on the effects it is having on sales regarding teenagers since they are the highest population that currently uses Spotify because of it’s appearance in their generation. According to a paper by Abhijit Sen, a renowned professor with a Ph.D in Economics from the University of Cambridge, titled Music in the Digital Age: Musicians and Fans Around the World â€Å"Come Together† on the Net, â€Å"statistics show that the music industry and the major record labels are in a slow slump† (Sen 8). Ever since Apple created iTunes, the number of CD purchases have beenShow MoreRelatedThe Effect Of Digital Technology On The Music Industry1442 Words   |  6 Pagesï » ¿ The effect of digital technology on the music industry Nowadays, teenagers are living constantly surrounded by technology. Even if the younger generation may not see it, technology has had an impact on different factors. The widespread use of digital technology in the music industry has allowed consumers to reproduce digital versions of copyrighted songs inexpensively, with the help of many software and websites. There has been an increase in digital copying activities and those are most ofRead MoreThe Effects Of Digital Downloading On The Music Industry1831 Words   |  8 Pagesstudio time, †¦ and got its music played on the radio, reaching millions of record buying Americans† (Majerol, 1). Now, anyone with talent can post a video of themselves and become an internet sensation, only to then receive a deal with a label to continue growing their career. The issue is, with the Internet came digital downloading, and with the growing popularity of digital downloading came illegal downloading, known as Digital Piracy, which has affected the music industry greatly. This issue affectsRead MoreThe Digital Era And Its Effect On The Music Industry2010 Words   |  9 Pagesrevenue decreasing, more units of music were bought during the MP3’s popularity. The MP3 benefitted the industry at one pint, but it is streaming that is keeping the live music industry alive. Today, MP3s start losing relevance and a new chapter of the digital era continues with streaming. Because Internet speeds are faster and people are more comfortable with technology, it leads to this innovation s popularity. Through an ad-supported service or for a monthly fee, music lovers have access to a seeminglyRead MoreShould Public Access For The Internet?1477 Words   |  6 Pagesabout any American teenager what their hobbies are, and chances are many will say, â€Å"listening to music†. Music is more accessible than ever in 2016, thanks to technology, computers, and the constantly growing use of the Internet. Just about every industry has been affected by these elements, and the music industry is no exception. Advances in technologies have had, without a doubt, a massive influence on music. However, whether this influence is good or bad is essentially subjective, as there are bothRead MoreEssay on The History of Music Industry 1611 Words   |  7 PagesIn the past, m usic has been a costly business, where only people with a lot of money could enter and be successful in the industry. Changes in the music industry coupled with new computer technology have made it much easier for people without a lot of money to compose, produce, and distribute their creation. In order to get a better understanding of the music industry in comparison to 2014, one has to look at its history. There were many things that happened from the 1980’s onward, and they broughtRead MoreThe Epidemic Of Illegal File Sharing1571 Words   |  7 PagesMusic Industry in America is one of the most powerful music industries in the world and it consists of many record labels, nevertheless, the top three major labels are Universal Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and Warner Music Group. Most of music industries earn revenue by creating and selling their goods to music consumers and also music retailers. In the past, major labels or music companies sold their products thro ugh sheet music (the handwritten or printed form of music notation) thenRead MoreHarsh Prosecuting Replaced by Positive Alternative Solution. Essay507 Words   |  3 Pagesdecade, the music industry is facing a major problem, which is reflecting in diminishing revenues of artists and music companies. As described by Danny Upshaw and Laurie Babin in their research, in 2009 International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) estimated that 95% of songs downloaded online were unlawful act (14). Figure 1: Global CD Sale in Million Units Source: Janssens, Jelle, Stijn Vandaele, and Tom Vander Beken. The Music Industry On (The) Line? Surviving Music Piracy InRead MoreCastle Made Of Sand : America s Recording Industry1411 Words   |  6 PagesSand: America’s Recording Industry In recent decades, the music industry as a whole has undergone transformative change. From the introduction of the compact disc, to the rise of iTunes and digital downloads, to the current emergence of streaming services, the way that artists produce music and deliver it to consumers has been radically altered in the past 20 years. As record labels’ stranglehold on the talent search and product distribution side of the music industry subsides, streaming servicesRead MoreThe History of Sound Recording Essay678 Words   |  3 Pagesmethods used to produce, edit, and record music and sound have changed with the introduction of new sound technology. The compatibility of computer technology with music recording has led to large scale developments in computer-based systems, especially by home users. Modern computer technology in music and audio is fundamentally different in comparison to older magnetic tape recording techniques because it is digital. New computerised digital methods are significantly betterRead MoreiTunes And The Digital Music Industry Essay1390 Words   |  6 PagesiTunes and The Digital Music Industry On April 28, 2003 Apple revolutionized the music industry by creating the iTunes Music Store. For the first time consumers were able to purchase digital music that was immediately ready for download onto their iPod mp3 players. However, since the start songs downloaded from iTunes have protected by a digital rights management (DRM) scheme known as fair play. Soon after Apple opened their store several other companies opened competing stores, each with their

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Essay on Charles Dickens Great Expectations - 1135 Words

Great Expectations’ main character, Phillip Pirrip- generally known as Pip- had a rough upbringing as a child. His sister, Mrs. Joe had â€Å"brought him up by hand†, after their parents and five brothers had all been laid to rest many years ago. Another character, Herbert Pocket experienced a bizarre childhood, though in a different manner. Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations develops through the novel following Pip, a young â€Å"common boy† who grew up in the countryside. As he matured so did his love for a girl of higher class, Estella. However, being a common boy, Pip was not good enough for his Estella, thus once he was given an opportunity to become a gentleman in London he seized it without much hesitation. Charles Dickens’ had his own†¦show more content†¦They both felt the wrath of Mrs. Joe; she frequently â€Å"knocked his (Joe) head†¦against the wall† or the Tickler for Pip. Knowledgeable critics have referred to Pip ’s experience as that of a quot;Dickensian childhood - stripped of his rights, found guilty of being himself, and rendered invisible by all those around. Estella also is a victim to her guardian in the novel. She too is never given the chance to be her own person and live life to its fullest. Estella is conditioned by her guardian, Miss Havisham, to make men suffer, and in return it is Estella who will be made to suffer for her guardians actions. Miss Havisham is a severely disturbed old woman who has adopted Estella. Miss Havisham was abandoned on her wedding day and as a result she forever maintains hatred toward men. Thus for her dirty work, Miss Havisham uses Estella to meet this purpose. Pip concludes that Miss Havisham quot;had done a grievous thing in taking an impressionable child (Estella) and had manipulated into the form that her wild resentment, spurned affection, and wounded pride, found vengeance inquot;. Miss Havisham makes Estella have a fear of men being close to her and not to allow herself to become attached to them emotionally. Dickens’ made Estella an almost identical copy of Frankenstein: trained to perfor m specific tasks for the pleasure of their guardian. However someday, they crack and see the illness in their lives. Estella was Miss Havisham’s toy. Estella neverShow MoreRelatedGreat Expectations By Charles Dickens1113 Words   |  5 Pagesadventures that the male characters go on. This seems to be relevant in a lot of movies and books like the story Great Expectations by Charles Dickens. In Great Expectations there are multiple female characters like Estella, Biddy, and Miss Havisham who all play a large part in the main character, Pip’s life. One of the first that we meet the character Estella in Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations is when Pip goes to Miss Havisham’s to play with her. The two kids play the game beggar my neighbor when EstellaRead MoreGreat Expectations By Charles Dickens1347 Words   |  6 Pagespoor status of the economy, social mobility does not seem to be occurring at high rates, with the poor getting poorer and rich getting richer. Despite this, social mobility is alive and well, and has been for centuries. In his novel, Great Expectations, Charles Dickens voices the concerns of many that lived in Victorian England during the 19th century by promoting such a desire to live life in a more prosperous social class. One of the most fundamental and reoccurring themes in the novel is that ofRead MoreGreat Expectations By Charles Dickens1426 Words   |  6 Pages Twelve-year-old Charles dickens gets ready for bed after a long day at the blacking house. These Victorian-aged memories will provide him with many ideas for his highly acclaimed novel Great Expectations. Set in 1830 England, Great Expectations is a coming-of-age story about a common innocent boy named Pip and his road to becoming a gentleman through the influence of others. Pip is influenced both positively and negatively by Estella, Herbert, and Magwitch. Estella left a huge impression on PipRead MoreGreat Expectations by Charles Dickens984 Words   |  4 PagesCharles Dickens utilizes his life for inspiration for the protagonist Pip in his novel Great Expectations. They both struggle with their social standing. Dickens loved plays and theatre and therefore incorporated them into Pip’s life. Dickens died happy in the middle class and Pip died happy in the middle class. The connection Dickens makes with his life to Pip’s life is undeniable. If readers understand Dickens and his upbringing then readers can understand how and why he created Pip’s upbringingRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations943 Words   |  4 Pages This is true in many cases but none as much as in Great Expectations. In many ways the narrator/protagonist Pip is Charles Dickens in body and mind. While there are many differences between the story and Charles Dickens life there remains one constant. This constant is the way Pip as the narra tor feels, because these feelings are Dickens s own feelings about the life he lead. Since Great Expectations was written towards end of Charles Dickens life, he was wiser and able to make out the mistakesRead MoreGreat Expectations By Charles Dickens1375 Words   |  6 PagesGreat Expectations by Charles Dickens and The Talented Mr Ripley by Anthony Minghella present similar criticisms of society to a large extent. Both of these texts consider the criticisms of rich social contexts (wealth and status), societal morality (whether a society is good or not. Status [can lead to the wrong people being in a high position i.e. making bad decisions affecting the community/society] Appearance [society appears to be moral/good (if you’re from a higher status) {dickens criticisesRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations1223 Words   |  5 PagesBeloved author Charles Dickens was born on February 7, 1812 in Portsmouth, England. Growing up in a life of poverty, his childhood hardshi ps provided the inspiration to write a myriad of classic novels including his 1861 seminole masterpiece, Great Expectations (â€Å"BBC History - Charles Dickens†). Great Expectations follows the life of an orphan named Pip, who’s perspective of the world is altered when he is attacked by an escaped convict in his parents’ graveyard in the town of Kent. Throughout hisRead MoreGreat Expectations By Charles Dickens924 Words   |  4 Pagesa character driven novel, or a mix of the two. In order for a novel to be character driven, it must revolve more around the characters’ individual thoughts, feelings, and inner struggles, rather than around the quest of the story. Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens, is a character driven novel. While the story does have a plot, it is not contingent upon that plot, but rather is reliant upon its characters and their natures. This is evident from the beginning of the novel. From the opening ofRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations1669 Words   |  7 PagesCharles Dickens He was one of England s greatest authors of the 1800 s, better known as the Victorian era. The various themes and ideas of that time are perfectly showcased in his many novels and short stories, such as Nicholas Nickelby, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist, A Tale of Two Cities, and A Christmas Carol. Much of the inspiration for these works came from the trials and conflicts that he dealt with in his own life. His volumes of fictional writing show the greatRead MoreCharles Dickens Great Expectations1017 Words   |  5 Pagesexperiencer is somewhere else absorbing knowledge of a different setting.This abstract adventure is seized by author Charles Dickens in Great Expectations. Great Expectations is historical fiction giving readers comprehension of the Victorian Era.Upon the reading, readers begin to catch on the intended purpose and its significance. A person who lived during the Victorian Era was Charles Dickens himself.He grew up during a time where differences in social class were to an extreme degree.Dickens went through

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Analysis Of The Play Fences By August Wilson And Zoot Suit...

For my final project, I have chosen the plays Fences by August Wilson and Zoot Suit by Luis Valdez to compare and contrast, when it comes to their themes of multiculturalism, interculturalism, and transculturalism. Multiculturalism is the process of immigration and globalization of societies in the world. The world is made up of a mix of many nationalities, cultures, groups, orientations, or ideologies. Multiculturalism involves the acknowledgment of the different groups of ethnic people, cultures, and regions as opposed to the accepting an ideology of a single cultural identity or nation. Interculturalism involves the aspects of anthropology, cultural learning, psychology, and communication. It is these factors that cause the conflict and contrast between different generations, ethnic groups from different regions, and different character traits. The evolution of these struggles provides the root of the formation of the humankind in the society. Finally, the concept of transculturalism is the blending of all human culture styles. It involves combining elements of more than one culture. Transculturalism creates history, diversity, and the support to one another in the formulation of various vibrant experiences. The first play that we are looking at, Fences ,and Zoot Suit plays, I’ve chosen is multiculturalism. This is not the biggest part of the view in of these plays, the specific theme of the ethnic groups by El Pachuco in the Zoot Suit and the conflict of generations

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The Atekpc Project Management Office - 8319 Words

9-308-049 OCTOBER 11, 2007 F. WARREN MCFARLAN MARK KEIL JOHN HUPP The AtekPC Project Management Office A rain had started in the early evening of March 3, 2007, and the streets of Metropolis were cold and grey where the AtekPC headquarters were located. As John Strider, CIO for AtekPC, packed up his briefcase at the end of the day, his thoughts returned to the new Project Management Office (PMO) that he had approved several months ago. During his tenure of over twenty years at AtekPC, Strider had never witnessed the kinds of pressures that were now facing the personal computer (PC) industry. Strider recognized that the industry was in transition and that his Information Technology (IT) organization would be involved in some critically†¦show more content†¦There was little margin for mistakes at AtekPC in these changing times. Industry Background The PC industry was experiencing tremendous cost pressure and was undergoing a period of consolidation. As profit margins fell, PC makers were launching cost reduction strategies aimed at further improving the efficiency of their supply chains, while lowering the cost of distribution. According to a recent newspaper article: The latest financial results for PC makers show a slow down in both sales and profitability. Both corporations and consumers are holding on to their PCs for a longer period of time to avoid the cost and hassles associated with upgrading their equipment. As a result, purchases are being deferred and PC makers are looking at new markets for growth opportunities. The industry appears to be undergoing a wave of consolidation as cost control and scale become more important than ever before.1 In 2007, a major news magazine ran a cover article entitled â€Å"Whither the PC?† The threats reported in their analysis were worldwide and stemmed from a variety of facto rs including the growing popularity of mobile phones, PDAs and web-based application software. For most people, email is the most important application that they use. For a long period of time, sending and receiving email necessitated having a full-fledged PC. Nowadays, though, businesspeople and consumers want toShow MoreRelatedThe Atekpc Project Management Office2166 Words   |  9 PagesThe AtekPC Project Management Office: Situation: John Strider the CEO of AtekPC is faced with pressure that is facing the PC industry as a result of the industry transition. Strider had in the past thought of a Project Management Office which if implemented would of great benefit to AtekPC in the long run. He however did not want to implement this idea in a rush because he had concerns of the effect it would have if they tried to push hard with the idea. There were questions on how PMO ProgramRead MoreHarvard Business School: the Atekpc Project Management Office1550 Words   |  7 PagesApplied Project Management Individual  Assignment Identify the main purpose and mission of a PMO and what are the main challenges and obstacles in implementing a PMO? (HBS: The AtekPC Project Management Office) Submitted by: KMO Greene Introduction The AtekPC Company found in 1984 has grown in size and scope to become a mid-sized technology PC manufacturer. The company now boasts 2100 fulltime employees with an additional 200 part time workers and revenues of $1.9 billion. AtekPC findsRead MoreCase Study Management : Project Management1223 Words   |  5 PagesFundamentals Case Study #1 What is one of the biggest challenges for IT industry companies is implementing project management practice within a constantly changing environment and not flexible inner culture of the company. This paper is based on the case by Harvard Business School that is describing challenges and failure of AtekPC during the implementation of Project Management Office. AtekPC is a PC maker founded 1984 with the headquarters in Metropolis. In 2006, it was a middle-sized company withRead MoreAtekpc Case Write Up Essay1399 Words   |  6 Pagespurpose and mission of a PMO? As according to the AtekPC Project Management Office case, the purpose1 of a PMO is to fulfill the need for greater discipline in managing IT projects. Moreover, it establishes or enhances project management skills, process, and governance structures within an organization (Applegate Pg. 462). The director of Application Development, Richard Steinberg, described AtekPC’s PMO’s purpose as a â€Å"methodology† for managing projects with standardized practices. As stated withinRead MoreAtek Pc Pmo700 Words   |  3 PagesAn Analysis of AtekPC Howard Kleinberg, Mark Grover As we walk through our analysis of this case, please keep the following questions in mind: 1. What mistakes did AtekPC make in implementing its PMO? 2. What should AtekPC have done to successfully implement its PMO? Industry Background Proliferation of mobile phones, PDAs and web-based applications slowed PC popularity. Industry was undergoing a wave of Director Application Development consolidation as cost control and scale Richard SteinbergRead MoreAtekpc1604 Words   |  7 PagesCase Analysis The AtekPC Project Management Office Case Overview AtekPC is a mid-sized U.S PC maker with sales of $ 1.9 billion and employed 2100 full time employees and additional 200 part time workers. This case discusses most of the obstacles to establishing a PMO (Project management Office) are beyond the CIO and PMO Managers control. We see a lot of problems faced by the CIO in implementing a PMO in the enterprise. Regardless of the technical challenges during the implementation, the coreRead MoreProject Management Office1795 Words   |  8 Pagescase Project Context: AtekPC founded in 1984, has grown to become a mid-sized U.S PC maker, with 2100 employees, $1.9m revenues in 2006. With the transition of PC industry from a growth market to that of a maturing market, AtekPC was experiencing tremendous cost pressure and changing management urgency. In order to positioning the organization for the future, John Strider, CIO for AtekPC, had strong convictions that the PMO-light model1was the way to go. PMO issues involved at AtekPC includedRead MoreThe Project Management Office: An Overview1572 Words   |  6 PagesProject Management Office The Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK), published by the Project Management Institute, addresses the objective of a Project Management Office (PMO) as follows: PMO is an organizational body or entity assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain. The responsibilities of a PMO can range from providing project management support functions to actually being responsible for the directRead MoreManagement and Teaching Note19520 Words   |  79 Pages207-058-4 EXCHANGE RATE VOLATILITY AND RESERVE BANK INTERVENTION: THE CASE OF NEW ZEALAND Structured assignment Gonela, SK; Panuganti, SM IBSCDC 14pp; Teaching note 207-058-8 (11pp) 207-046-1 GERMANY’S ‘GREEN DOT’WASTE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM George, SS; Govind, S ICMR Center for Management Research 21pp; Teaching note 207-046-8 (3pp) 207-059-1 GLOBAL INFLATION: MONETARY POLICY DEBATE Gonela, SK; Kompella, R IBSCDC 8pp; Teaching note 207-059-8 (13pp) 207-059-4 GLOBAL INFLATION: MONETARY POLICY DEBATE Structured

Hot Imports Night Free Essays

The roars of modified import cars stimulate my senses as I walk towards the Dallas Convention Center, where the 2001 Hot Imports Night car show is taking place. All around me, groups of anxious car enthusiasts rush towards the convention center. Hundreds of people were already in line, impatiently waiting to buy a ticket for the show. We will write a custom essay sample on Hot Imports Night or any similar topic only for you Order Now Luckily, I had already purchased my ticket online and did not have to wait on this half-mile long line. As I approached the entrance, I was overwhelmed by the onslaught of sounds coming from within. I knew walking in that this will be a day I wouldn t soon forget. As I stood in that cavernous exhibitions hall, my eyes feasted on rows of modified Hondas, Acuras, Mazdas, and other import cars. The car that caught my attention was a lime green 1995 Honda Civic Hatchback, shining radiantly below four strobe lights. This car had an Acura Integra GSR engine in it, a Greddy exhaust system, headers, a turbocharger, intercooler, white rims, a dragon decal on the hood, and many other modifications. Behind me I overheard a guy saying dats tight, but there are better cars and I knew he was right. There were endless rows of cars, and each row had its own representation of perfection. The cars were not the only part of the show that caught my attention. Standing by each sponsored car was a girl in her mid twenties wearing everything but clothes. One girl had on a golden studded bikini, which complemented her Venus-like body and her long flowing blond hair. Her innocent smile and seductive pose made it hard for me to take my eyes off of her. There were also models sitting behind desks signing posters for a modest fee. These were the models that graced the cover of car magazines as well as Playboy. Standing in front of these models would be lines of fans who wanted an autograph and picture. I tried to take a picture of every car model that I saw, unfortunately I ran out of film. When I reached the end of the hall I was surprised to see a disc jockey spinning break beats on a turntable and a mob of people raving and dancing on a dance floor as if they were in a nightclub. The music that came from the four giant sized speakers at this area was even louder than the music that played throughout the hall. The strobe lights had a dizzying affect, and my mind blurred as I walked through the crowd of people dancing. In one corner of the dance floor, I managed to push through the crowd of mesmerized people to get a glimpse of a short Asian guy, drenched with sweat, wearing flared jeans and a pink polo knit shirt wowing the crowd with his flawless break dancing abilities. As I had predicted, the night was anything but forgettable. I now anxiously await next year s event, which will take place next May. In the meantime, I ll just relive that night in my mind and learn some dance moves so that I can participate on the dance floor instead of standing around recording everyone else with a video camera. How to cite Hot Imports Night, Essay examples

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Technology devices uysed to overcome the limitations of sight and hearing free essay sample

Technology to Overcome The Limitation of Sight and Hearing Introduction Devices to overcome Limitations of sight Microscope Binoculars Function: Binoculars are used for viewing far objects like buildings, birds, and much more. Other information related to the devices Telescope The earliest recorded working telescopes were the refracting telescopes that appeared in the Netherlands in 1608. Their development is credited to three individuals: Hans Lippershey, Zacharias Janssen and Jacob Metius. Binoculars The telescope was introduced to astronomy in 1609 by the great Italian scientist Galileo Galilei. Periscope In 1854 Hippolyte Marie-Davy invented the first naval periscope, consisting of a vertical tube with two small mirrors fixed at each end at 45Â °. Simon Lake used periscopes in his submarines in 1902. Stethoscope The stethoscope was invented in France in 1816 by Rene Laennec at the Necker-Enfants Malades Hospital in Paris. It consisted of a wooden tube and was monaural. Megaphone The initial inventor of the speaking trumpet is a subject of historical controversy, as both Samuel Morland and Athanasius Kircher lay claim to the device. We will write a custom essay sample on Technology devices uysed to overcome the limitations of sight and hearing or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Sight Limitations Hearing Limitations Limitation of sight is whereby a person is able to see an object/colour/shape until a certain extend. Limitations of sight can be overcome by using appropriate optical devices such as Microscope , Telescope , Periscope and others. The range of frequency of hearing in human is from 20 Hz to 20000Hz. It is different according to the age of a person. Limitation of hearing can be overcome by using appropriate hearing aids such as microphone, stethoscope, amplifier and others. Function: A microscope is an instrument used to see objects that are too small for the naked eye. Telescope Function: A telescope is used for viewing distant objects like stars, planets, the moon and others. Periscope Function: A periscope is an instrument for observation from a concealed position. Devices to overcome the Limitations of Hearing Microphone Function: A microphone is an acoustic-to-electric transducer or sensor that converts sound into an electrical signal. Stethoscope Function: The stethoscope is an acoustic medical device for auscultation, or listening to the internal sounds of an animal or human body. Megaphone Function: A megaphone is a portable, usually hand-held, cone-shaped acoustic horn used to amplify a person’s voice or other sounds and direct it in a given direction. Microscope An early microscope was made in 1590 in Middelburg, Netherlands. Giovanni Faber coined the name microscope for Galileo Galileis compound microscope in 1625. Microphone Both Thomas Alva Edison and Emile Berliner filed patent applications for the carbon microphone, in March and June 1877 respectively. Conclusion The limitations of sight and hearing can be overcome by using certain devices.

Poor Performance of Banking and Insurance-Samples for Students

Question: Discuss about the Poor Perfomance of Banking and Insurance Companies. Answer: Introduction Banking and insurance companies are very competitive service industries organizations; this is where changes in the market occasionally happen as it occurs in the world. The bank organization of which I have been a client for several years is having a series of predicaments such as its rise of customer complaints due to the poor services that have greatly increased and downfall in the market shares due to continuous losing events. It is one of the oldest banking industries in Australia and has been able to survive in the service industry till the recent times; it has been overwhelmed by occasional current change occurring in the economic world (Menor Roth, 2008). The organization poor performance indicators The main cause of the poor performance is due to the poor and unresponsive management planning and poor customer relation and satisfaction. The most evident results reveal that poor management and lack of customer satisfaction are continuous customer complaints without changes, mismanagement of funds and resources thus leading to withdrawals of investors due to fear of loss. Also, the bank has faced some other challenges like losing of its clients to other banks, and a high number of employees lay down due to the shut down of its various branches. The organization management has failed due to various reasons such as poor planning and timeworn methods of management, poor resources management leading to the growth of debts and scarring of the investors due to mismanagement of funds. Poor staff management and coordination of staff or employees, and poor problem-solving techniques that have led to piling up of challenges in operation of the system (Belkhir, 2009). The information management within the organizational structure and to the clients also has been a great problem in the organization this has led to poor customer relation and satisfaction. The poor or bad customer relation has been contributed to various causes such as poor marketing strategies that can be able to compete effectively with the competitors thus causing a lot of loss of customers. The banking system has made tremendous changes in the technology advancements; some of the changes are customer ability to access information and services online or even able to control over their accounts via mobile phones. The organization has been too slow or unable to move with the technological advancements: this has given the competitors much more advantage in the marketing of their businesses. Apart from the disability of bank to cope with technology changes the banking system has been unable to move with the current quality of customer expectations thus leading to poor customer satisfa ction (Verhoef et al., 2009). Main matters to be considered According to Kumar, (2010) he argues that any organization mainly relies upon a very effective management that one that can have over view of the whole industrial operation of the organization running efficiently. The main cause of the bank problems is through poor leadership and lack of proper strategic plans that enable the business structure to achieve the best standards of service to the customers. Good strategic plans and policies of an organization are very useful in goal targeting and in giving the direction to an organization on the path to being followed for achieving its objectives. Another problematic requirement that has hindered the poor performance of the organization is the lack of technology improvement as compared to the growth of the organization and change with the economy. Through this dormant growth of technology it has led the services of the organization to become outdated, and thus the organization is unable to compete effectively in the market. Management strategies and planning The bank management system can effectively operate by first drafting business policies and plans that would help in the meeting the objective of the business. The policies should be able to cover the employee management where they will perform effectively by the organization requirement and also be able to enjoy the full benefits of employment. The communication structure should be very effective this will be able to eliminate the poor problem solving; through this, even the customer's issues can easily be looked upon or solved. The plans and policies of the organization should also consider after SWOT analysis of the business and also through proper analysis in the market (Linoff Berry, 2011). The organization situation analysis SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat) enable it to identify its problems and how best to curb the situations. The SWOT analysis also helps the organization to identify its strength and opportunities thus its ability to maximize its potential in the business operation. Goal and objectives of any organization are very crucial in the establishment of business plan and policies, and plans. The effective growth of an organization is well-known by analyzing the achieving rate; the organization should have key indicators that will show the trend of the organization and mostly the most effective ways of addressing the issues. An example of such indicators in the bank would be the rate at which its market shares are trading in the stock market, customer satisfaction clarification and ability to maintain good relationships with the customer and loyalty (Buttle, 2009). The organization should also consider improving its service standards through recruitment of more qualified personnels that can offer more efficient customer service. The bank should sell its brand more efficiently through more advertising which would give the organization much better platform against its competitors. Through the recruitment of more qualified staff, the organization can implement a much more improved system communication upgrade that would be able to serve the customers more efficiently as to the required standards. Advancement in the technology will be a very efficient means of the operational management; it enhances more communication system of the organization where the top managers can be able to participate in the business operation with ease (Young, O'byrne, Young, Young, O'Byrne Stephen, 2000). Also, leadership is an essential strategy in any organization through which every employee can perform effectively by the requirement and policies of the organization. Leadership may differ from managerial duties where its an objective of every employee to able to have good leadership qualities such as integrity, commitment, accountability, and all the required business ethics. Integrity is one of the virtues in every organization and mostly in the service industry such as the banks. An employee should be able to portray the type of leadership skills and mostly his commitment and accountability to the organization best outcomes and service to the customers (King Burgess, 2008). Conclusion In summary, the basic problem faced by the organization was poor management and lack of organization strategies that enabled the organization to operate effectively and be able to withstand the challenges faced by the organization. Through proper implementation of good management strategies, and effective policies and plans organization can operate to its potential best: The organization (bank) can show very drastic recovery from the poor performance. Another change that will greatly increase the potential of the business and enhance its mode communication and service to the customer is the advancement in the organization technology and its ability to keep up information technology changes (Stevenson Hojati, 2007). References Belkhir, M. (2009). Board of directors' size and performance in the banking industry. International Journal of Managerial Finance, 5(2), 201-221. Buttle, F. (2009). Customer relationship management: concepts and technologies. Routledge. Hill, C. 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